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Street Name Thomson Road Novena for Peak Residence Condo

History of Thomson and Novena


The name ‘Thomson’ comes from Thomson Road formerly ‘Seletar Road’. The road was named after a surveyor who played a prominent role in laying of the road, John Turnbull. It starts from Novena stretching through the Central area of Singapore Yishun. Novena sits on a central catchment region that is home to Singapore’s reservoirs such as Upper Peirce Reservoir, Lower Pierce Reservoir, and MacRitchie Reservoir.

Thomson is strategically situated, enjoying easy access and proximity to the City Area parks, popular schools and other areas of Singapore. Proximity to reservoirs and forests also gives this region an aesthetic appeal making property prices here significantly higher as compared to other parts of Singapore.

Private houses forms the largest part of housing in this area with a bit of shophouse and HDB flats. Low rising houses are also in abundance here stretching from Pierce Reservoirs to Macritchie Reservoir, Venus Drive, Little Canada, Jalan Rebana, Nemesu Avenue, Venus drive,Casuarina Road,  Seraya Crescent, Jalan Leban, and Ang Mo Kio areas.

Thomson area has some of the earliest and the longest roads in the country. Thomson Road establishes an important connection from the north of Singapore connecting to the Downtown centre and the city area and other parts of Singapore.

The Road splits into three parts Upper Thomson Road, Old Upper Thomson Road and Thomson Road. The Old Upper Thomson Road links the Downton Core with the villages situated in the northern parts of Singapore. This area features various well-known food establishments that line the road like roti prata shops.


Novena is a planning region situated in the Central Region of Thomson Road. The area is named after the famed Novena Catholic Church located along Thomson Road. The MRT station, buildings and associated roads are also named after Novena Church. The area borders with Bukit Timah to the west, Toa Payoh to the north, Kallang to the east, and Tanglin to the south.

The land where the church sits belonged to a rich Chinese businessman called Wee KahKiat. The redemptorist priest from Australia who arrived in Singapore in 1935 acquired the land in 1948 and oversaw the development of the church in 1950.

In 1844, Tan Tock Seng Hospital was built by Tan Tock Seng, a philanthropist. It is one of the busiest and oldest in Singapore that is situated in the region.

Properties in the Novena area are expensive due to the closeness to the Central Area. Most of the houses in the area are private housing or condos with a few HDB flats. The area features a number of schools and is linked with the city by taxis, and buses.