When there are whispers which smaller houses are becoming popular among investors as well as young ladies, the current survey results suggested that more tenants feel frustrated about the slumping property sizes when compared with landlords and investors.

“This finding is a sobering discovery for real estate investors, who’d be wise to concentrate on liveability and fulfilling the spatial relaxation of potential tenants rather than simply taking a look at the quantum of the purchase when making a real estate investment. For example, tenants may ultimately favor a 500 square foot one-bedder more than a 400 square foot unit,” he explained.

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Many Singaporeans Anticipate Rent To Fall

Vast majority of those surveyed also anticipates rental costs to fall for the remainder of the year round HDBs, condos, and acquired properties. For HDB flats, 29% believed that leasing costs will fall, compared to the 25% that believe that leasing costs increase.

Condos saw the softest ideas on lease: over one-third (36 percent ) of respondents also believed that condo rents could decrease general, while 28% anticipates condo rental costs to increase. For landed possessions, 30% also believed that leasing rates for landed houses will fall, compared to only 24% who believed that rental costs would rise for the remainder of 2019.

“In Singapore, the rivalry among landlords is beginning to be felt, with over 25 condos reaching Temporary Occupation License [TOP] this season,” stated Tee Khoon. “The growth in distribution is the most important from the Exterior of Central Region [OCR], and investors of these properties will believe they will need to lower their asking lease to prevent protracted vacancies together with the dampening economic outlook.”

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